WEADE - Workflow for Enrichment Analysis and Data Exploration SFB 873

WEADE in its core is a web application for GO Term enrichment analysis. Its additional features turn it into a complete workflow for sequencing data analysis:

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Version 2.1 released

July 12, 2018

With version 2.1 of WEADE, we integrate Reactome.org data to find enriched pathways in the pairwise interaction search.

Version 2.0 released

May 25, 2018

We're excited to announce the release of version 2.0 of WEADE. This release brings large performance increases as well as an overhaul of the user interface.

Version 1.6 released

December 7, 2017

As of version 1.6 it is possible to find ligand-receptor interaction pairs between two data sets in the history tab. This uses GO annotations and BioGRID interactions to find potential interaction partners in each set.

New URL and Version 1.5.1

October 27, 2017

WEADE is now available under the much more readable address: weade.cos.uni-heidelberg.de.

Additionally, version 1.5.1 adds the possibility to use gene symbols instead of identifiers in the input file.

Version 1.5 released

October 20, 2017

Version 1.5 brings functional interaction networks to WEADE! After adding genes to the collection, they can be displayed in a network. Further information can be found in the documentation.

Version 1.0 released

September 13, 2017

We're glad to announce that version 1.0 of WEADE, our app for enrichment analysis and data exploration is now available.